Have you ever encountered an issue when performing a work-related task? Have you ever been stuck in a manual task that got you searching for a quick solution? Do you seek better ways to perform your job for greater productivity? Then stick around, this post is for you.

You’re about to discover the infinite possibilities of  Microsoft Power Apps. What it is and how it can help you become more productive in your workplace.

What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a suite of apps, connectors and a data platform that provides you with the opportunities to build apps for your business needs. With Microsoft Power Apps, you can easily build business apps using your existing business data, even without writing a single line of code.

Interestingly, Apps built with Power Apps has powerful AI and workflow capabilities that let you transform routine manual processes into automated business applications. You can create business applications by using your existing data sources like Dynamics 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, Excel etc. with just a few clicks. The diagram below explains an app development process.



5 Benefits of Using Power Apps

  1. Mobile-Friendly apps
  2. Easy data integration with existing information
  3. Data security against exploitation
  4. Speedy app deployment & Quick Usage
  5. Increased personal productivity

1. Mobile-friendly apps

Recent web statistics suggest that 54.8% of global traffic is generated from mobile devices, excluding tablets. More users are on mobile, and apps optimized for mobile devices tend to get a higher level of usage and engagement.

Power Apps are created using the Power Apps Studio. This makes it flexible for users to create mobile-friendly apps without the need to call a developer. This platform is beginner-friendly, with easy navigation that lets you easily create professional apps.

2. Easy data integration with existing information

Wondering where you can get data from in creating your first business app? Power Apps got you covered, no need to worry. You can easily integrate your existing data from your favourite Microsoft platforms like Microsoft 365, Power Automate and Microsoft Power BI. Power Apps also allows you to access over 150 data sources including Salesforce, Sharepoint, Onedrive among others, isn’t that amazing?

3. Data security against exploitation

Data security is at the heart of every thriving organization. A piece of valuable company information in the wrong hands can ruin the reputation of an organization. Microsoft Dataverse provides guaranteed security for apps, it ensures data privacy and integrity.

Beyond the Microsoft Dataverse security for apps, admins can ensure apps security by streamlining an effective data approval process. And also creating an all-employee security group. For instance, when the operations manager wants to seek information in the accounts department. He/she needs approval from the accounts manager to access such vital information.



4. Speedy app deployment & quick usage

Unlike app deployment in app stores that sometimes takes days and weeks, apps created in power apps get deployed in minutes. There is no stress of long expectations, waiting for your app to be published. With power apps, your teams can start using your app a few minutes after its deployment.

However, you can’t share the app with external users or guests. You’ll first need to create an account with them in your tenant before they can use your app. After building your app, you can distribute it immediately to your team members.

5. Increased personal productivity

Business apps created using Microsoft Power Apps improves employee productivity level; because they are created to meet specific needs. For instance, your truck drivers needed a mobile app to digitally track all orders, and you created one using power apps. They’ll tend to be more productive on the job because their challenges have been solved.

The same applies across organizations and industries. Apps created on power apps tend to increase the team’s productivity level and transform the organization.

What Type Of Apps Can I Create With Power Apps?

Power Apps can be used to create different types of apps that simplify work processes and automate simple tasks. It can be used in creating apps ranging from approval apps, GPS tracking apps, statistical & analytical apps, invoice tracking apps, accounting apps and many more.

The power apps platform is flexible and can be configured to meet any of your specific business needs. Your ability to create different types of apps with the power apps platform is however dependent on your level of expertise and knowledge.

How Do I Get Started?

Multiskills Nigeria Limited has a team of experienced IT experts and developers that can assist in developing apps that meet specific business needs and increases your organizational productivity. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how power apps can work for your company.

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