The internet is not only growing, but also growing on us. It has fast become one of the necessities for businesses and individuals to thrive. It has done a lot and Is still doing more, in the same vein cloud computing has become indispensable, both individuals and organizations are reaching for better, cost effective and scalable methods to get work done.

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What is Cisco Meraki?

Cisco Meraki is a company that created (and which maintains) an extensive cloud computing network. They often partner with respected IT (Information Technology) firms like Multiskills to provide custom-tailored cloud solutions to clients. They are different from most other cloud service providers because they focus on the integration and control of all your organization’s resources from a single dashboard. When we say resources, we mean devices like your wireless cameras, motion sensors, computers, mobile devices, and storage devices. All this and more can be monitored from a single dashboard.

How secure is Cisco Meraki Cloud Computing?

Of course, some people choose to limit their use of cloud technology because of security concerns. Some people feel that it’s less secure than a normal internet connection. However, this is usually not the case. A normal internet connection tends to be wide open unless someone takes the trouble to harden the system in several ways. A cloud system, by contrast, is going to be always managed, which includes security monitoring.

Cisco Meraki offers a number of other high-security options, including VPN tunnels and firewalls, in addition to this. This isn’t us telling you to throw your antivirus software out, but the Meraki dashboard is definitely capable of handling some of the security load. With each update, firewall and virus definitions are enhanced, so it is very unlikely that someone can circumvent these.

Advantages of Cisco Meraki Cloud Computing

There are many reasons why Cisco Meraki is a trusted standard in the cloud infrastructure industry. Their service is one that is reliable, proven and trusted in every way. Below are 5 advantages and reasons to adopt Cisco Meraki.

1. Interactive and Central Control

One significant function that is found nowhere else is provided by this unique network. The special out-of-band architecture of Cisco Meraki gives you the ability to control all the devices linked to your network. This facilitates a degree of network control that can barely be imagined by most. This, in turn, contributes to higher effectiveness and greater benefit.

This is critical, especially for those worried about unauthorized access, if you do find an unknown connection you can immediately take control of that device and see where it has been. The network allows for much better coordination between your IT department and your resources.

2. Easy-To-Use Dashboard Interface

Meraki can at any point in time be connected to several devices, it is a networking solution after all. So, the crux of the issue lies in how to simultaneously control different devices, it sounds simpler than it is. But Meraki actually makes it as simple as it sounds, with a very intuitive dashboard you can control everything from access points to security to signal routing and all other aspects of your IT network.

One of the fun features of the Meraki dashboard is the “topology” feature. When you click on this, it will give you a detailed diagram of your network and what it’s doing at the moment. It will show all the access points and whether or not they are being used, and any switches to which they might be connected. We also love the “summary” button, as it provides a set of up-to-date business metrics that are helpful.

3. Less Work For The IT Department

Every organization has an IT department, although many choose to outsource to various companies like Multiskills NG. A lot of organizations find this to be more cost effective and they also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professionals handling their IT functions. Either way, Meraki will ensure that your IT staff doesn’t get bogged down with pointless busy work.

By leveraging cloud infrastructure, you can free up crucial staff members for more important projects. Those that are best-equipped to do so can manage the menial day-to-day tasks of maintaining an extensive network, while the in-house staff will concentrate on the things that really matter to you. Your IT employees (and other personnel, too) will be able to concentrate on the growth of the organization and the accomplishment of its financial targets instead of taking up all their resources on maintenance tasks.

4. Wireless Access Points

Cabling is both a headache and a deterrent. In this age, the need for a seamless system that takes as little space as possible cannot be overemphasized. Wired systems need space and constant supervision, they also tend to be targeted by pests and vulnerable to the weather. Any way you say it, cables are a pain.

This is another reason why we recommend Cisco Meraki, it is built from the ground up to be completely wireless. Instead of having snakes of cables everywhere, you will have a series of wireless access points. From here, any device with fi-fi capability can use the network.

It also bears mentioning that Cisco Meraki’s system makes use of the unique properties of radio waves. One of the benefits of this technology comes from its superior reliability. Wi-fi signals, particularly when large quantities of traffic are present, may often be spotty. By using radio waves for both signal augmentation and stability, Meraki’s cloud solves this issue quite neatly. Combined with the latest developments in wi-fi, this allows for a seamless network that can be relied on 24 hours a day.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

When considering an IT solution, we must consider the cost of the service, installation, maintenance, staff supervision and on boarding. Cisco Meraki cuts the price of all this to the bare minimum, when leveraging on the cloud you can get rid of pesky costs like site maintenance, cables and servers.

Imagine this; Cisco Meraki is a fully secure, completely Wireless solution, with centralized controls and an easy-to-use dashboard, now compare that to your current system, compare costs, functionality, security, speed and ease of use.

This mix of security and control makes Cisco Meraki the safest option. In spite of this, they have not sacrificed convenience or ease of use in exchange for that higher level of security. It is indeed very hard to balance the need for security with the need for convenience, but Cisco Meraki has done a good job in that regard. If you are interested in learning more about our company and the many services that we provide, you’re welcome to Contact us

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