Multiskills NG is a leading IT consulting services and business outsourcing organization pioneering the adoption of flexible global business practices, which enables companies to operate more efficiently and produce more results. We are passionate about using technology to solve business problems in this era of Digital Transformation.

At Multiskills, our mission is to align and integrate technology solutions and services to organizations to help them achieve their business goals.

Before getting any job done, we ask ourselves what the best approach is to take. This has driven us to cultivate a multi-diverse growing client list from SMEs to enterprise organizations. Customer satisfaction is a vital part of our business process.

Our challenge

Before we fully integrated into Microsoft 365 Business, virtually everything was done manually, from sales to project management to marketing. It caused us a lot of confusion and problems, and we couldn’t manage time effectively.

If we have a new business deal or a client needs support – our engineers & support team literally must be physically available at the client’s location. This was creating enormous costs for us as an organization.

Besides that, there wasn’t a seamless flow of information between our on-site team and the office. We spent a significant portion of our income on getting data and airtime subscriptions to communicate with our team constantly.

The Solution

With Microsoft 365 Business, we can all constantly communicate and clarify whenever needed. Today, our processes are now seamless. Our sales technical team can now support our clients remotely.

One of our field engineers can go out to a project, take photos, write an estimate, open Teams, and upload into SharePoint right from anywhere. The same applies to our developers, who can upload images of different design concepts to teams and have a conversation, i.e., “chat” with the team about their designs.

Everything is in the cloud. Everything is in our Microsoft teams. It’s so much easier to use and made us more efficient. The time savings and productivity increase we get are ten times better. Microsoft 365 Business allows us to quickly communicate with the office and make face-to-face calls with just a few clicks on Microsoft Teams call.

Microsoft Teams is a game changer.

All the employees in the various locations can access each other in a snap. Managers can look at what each team member is doing and make a few suggestions.

  • A job that can take the whole day, can be done in a few hours.
  • Our employees now confidently work remotely and still communicate like we’re in the same office.
  • It has been so fun working with Microsoft 365 business and has made our job so much easier.
  • It saves Multiskills money and our customers a lot of time, drastically improving customer satisfaction.
  • Microsoft 365 Business has allowed us to scale our business and serve more customers without increasing operational costs.

Get started with >>>> Microsoft Teams Today.

NB: This post is the first in a series of our transformational journey, subscribe to our blog for updates.

Published On: August 12th, 2022 / Categories: Microsoft 365 /

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