In a country like Nigeria, with many office 365 providers, it is usually challenging to choose a reliable provider. As much as you’re looking for a reliable provider, you’re also keen on selecting a provider that understands your business and industry. In this article, we will reveal five qualities to look for an office 365 provider in Nigeria.

Before we dive in, it is expedient to note that these qualities are not cast on stones. Hence, they’re not the ultimate yardsticks to measure a provider. But, they will guide you in making the right choice. Let’s get in.

5 Qualities of the Top Office 365 Providers in Nigeria

  • Customer Service and Care
  • Area of Expertise
  • Transparent and Proactive
  • Put your Interest First
  • Resource Library For Clients & Non-Clients

Customer Service and Care

How a company treats its customer says a lot about its ethics and values. There’s no way around it. Looking at all the multi-billion dollar companies, from Amazon to Apple, you’ll see a pattern of excellent customer service.

The same applies to Office 365 providers. When looking for a provider to work with, pay close attention to customer service. You will see these patterns in how they respond to your calls, treat your emails, send feedback, and respond to your questions.

Area of Expertise

Microsoft Office 365 is a robust product with many offerings and categories. Due to this, many office providers specialize in one of two product areas to enable them to serve their clientele better. Hence, when looking for an office provider in Nigeria, you should focus on working with a partner whose core expertise matches your area of need. That way, you’ll get the most value for your money.

Transparent and Proactive

A proactive partner takes extra steps beyond customer service to anticipate your need and helps you take full advantage of your Office 365 subscription. They also inform you about the latest Microsoft tips and tricks.

On the other hand, a transparent partner will not exploit its customers either in prices or service delivery. That said, working with an office 365 provider in Nigeria that is both transparent and proactive is a blessing.

Put Your Interest First

Honestly, it’s rare to get a partner that prioritizes your interest above everything else. But the truth is, there are still Microsoft partners that put their client’s needs first and alone. Multiskills Nigeria Limited is one such Office 365 Provider that prioritizes customers’ needs.

Resource Library For Clients & Non-Clients

Office 365 is a dynamic product. Because of this, there are always new updates, trends, and improvements. To keep up with these frequent development, you need to work with a provider with a resource library or blog on their website.

For instance, Multiskills Nigeria Limited has a resource library where we share product tips and data-rich articles for our clients and non-clients.

About Multiskills

As a notable Office 365 Provider, Multiskills Nigeria Limited has several years of quality experience working with brands across Africa. Our team of experts has been duly vetted and certified by Microsoft. We also have a track record of successful implementation of the software. You’ll be working with the very best in the industry.

  • Successful implementation across several industries
  • Over nine years of cognate experience delivering excellence
  • Trusted Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner
  • Access to a remarkable customer support team
  • Cost-effective implementation
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