Ways to improve your writing


We’ve been able to pen down 13 ways to improve your writing, hopefully this should be helpful to someone out there. In all sincerity the task of making your writing better never ends. Hence don’t worry too much about having your write up all perfect. It only gets better if you write consistently.

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  • Write shorter sentences
  • Vary your sentences (make sure you include some longer sentences
  • Use simple words, such as ‘use’ instead of ‘utilize.’
  • Avoid jargon
  • Write with active voice
  • Include strong verbs
  • Limit gerunds (words ending in ‘ing’)
  • Limit adverbs
  • Use transitional words and phrases
  • Spare the exclamation points
  • Use contractions for a more conversational tone
  • Take out unnecessary words
  • Avoid unnecessary details



Helpful resource:

Everybody Writes

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