Starting an Information Technology (IT) business in Nigeria can be frustrating, especially when starting with a new product.

You’ll need to spend a lot on marketing and sales, trying to persuade people to subscribe to your software product. Not to mention the depression that comes with multiple rejections even when the bills are piling up.

Leveraging what’s already working is how you save yourself from these frustrations. And Microsoft software products are a prime example of what’s working. By becoming a Microsoft reseller in Nigeria, you’re leveraging one of the world’s most successful IT brands.

According to Statista, Microsoft has been the world’s largest software company for five years in a roll (2017-2021). Followed by Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce. Microsoft has a variety of software and hardware products, but for the sake of this article, we’ll be focusing on their software products like Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamicss365 etc.

Without further ado, let’s dive in on how you can become a Microsoft reseller in Nigeria.

Ways to Become a Microsoft Reseller in Nigeria

  1. Via Microsoft partner’s portal
  2. Via a Microsoft Tier – 1 CSP Partner

1. Via Microsoft Partners Portal

Microsoft has a partner program for aspiring IT firms that want to resell their products. The program can be accessed via their official website – on the partner’s portal.  Moreover, they are some eligibility requirements that you must meet to be accepted as a partner. Some of which are convenient, and some others might be inconvenient for an aspiring partner.

That leads us to the second way through which you can become a Microsoft Partner in Nigeria.

2. Via Microsoft Tier-1 CSP Partner

Microsoft places certain conditions and standards that its partner must meet to qualify as a Tier-1. And the requirements are not a piece of cake. It takes a substantial amount of effort, time, and resources to complete them. Among the key requirements of a Tier-1 partner, some notable ones that stand out are expertise, infrastructure, and the number of active accounts. All of which we possess.

There are only a few Microsoft Tier-1 partners in Nigeria, one of which is Multiskills Nig Ltd. As a Tier-1 partner, we have been recognized by Microsoft as a top reseller of their products. This gives us access to their direct support line, new developments, and other special privileges.

The easiest way to become a Microsoft reseller in Nigeria is by partnering with a Tier-1 partner like Multiskills. Here’s the thing, even though you go through their official website, they’ll still assign you to a Tier-1 partner. So, it would be best if you chose a partner than being assigned to one.

Fortunately, Multiskills is running a partner program for aspiring Microsoft resellers. Multiskills Partner Program is designed for Technopreneurs, IT firms, Sales Executives and Digital Agencies that want to make more revenue by reselling Microsoft licences and products.

Why You Should Join The Multiskills Partner Program

Done-For-You Marketing

To relieve you of the stress of figuring it out yourself, we have created marketing templates and cheat sheets to help you succeed. This way, you’ll be leveraging proven strategies in growing your reseller business.

Incredible Track Record

Our reputation precedes us. Having successfully deployed IT Solutions for over 100 organizations, we have what it takes to help you achieve success.

Empowering Resellers

You’re not alone. We have other resellers that have been making recurring revenue since 2012. You will be joining a community of Microsoft resellers to exchange ideas and network.

What You Stand to Benefit

  • 10% discount opportunity on Microsoft products and licenses.
  • Monthly training and support to equip you to grow your reseller business.
  • 14-days credit bonus to help you close more deals easily.
  • Technical assistance to arm with the requisite technical know-how.
  • and much more undisclosed benefits.

In Conclusion

Reselling Microsoft software products is an incredible way of scaling your IT business. There’s already a market for it, and the barrier for entry is low. Coupled with the Multiskills Partners Program, you’ll be unstoppable.

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