Do you want to transform and automate your business but don’t have the budget for Microsoft 365?
Or Perhaps. Do you have the budget but still seeking a possible alternative for Microsoft 365? Sit tight; this article is for you.
Today, we will be looking at a free Microsoft 365 alternative for business owners. An all-in-one business solutions platform that can transform your business. Even on a low budget.
The best part of this solution is that it has a low learning curve. You wouldn’t need to spend months trying to catch up with its features; you need days and weeks.
On that note, let’s dive in.

Bitrix24: A Free Microsoft 365 Alternative

Bitrix24 is a business solutions platform that provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication, and management tools. It unifies business communications and management in one ecosystem.
With Bitrix24, you can replace many apps and software with a single ecosystem. It covers communications, CRM, websites, tasks & projects, and contact centers. All of which can be done without exiting your dashboard.
Next, We’ll be comparing some key features of Microsoft 365 with Bitrix24, to aid your decision-making process.

Microsoft Teams Vs. Bitrix24 Communication Tools

Microsoft Teams is the main communication tool for Microsoft 365. It is used for video conferencing, presentations, team chats, and collaborations purposes. That’s not even all. Teams is super-flexible. It has integration capabilities with other Microsoft 365 and third-party apps.
Bitrix24 Communication Tools have similar functionalities with Teams. It has video-conferencing, team chats & calls, and employee feeds capabilities. Bitrix24 takes a step further in providing external communication tools for business owners.
With Bitrix24, it is easy to add a chat widget to your websites and have real-time communication with your website visitors. Customers can call you from your website and get instant responses from your customer care representatives.
Bitrix24 partner in nigeria

Microsoft OneDrive Vs. Bitrix24 Drive

Microsoft OneDrive is like the storage center of Microsoft 365. Every Microsoft 365 user is entitled to a OneDrive account. You can use it for storing and sharing files, documents, and other work-related data.
Bitrix24 Drive is used for the storing and sharing of organizational files and documents. Every Bitrix24 user is also entitled to a Drive -which aids collaboration and file storage. It can be accessed via the Bitrix24 main dashboard.

Microsoft Planner Vs. Bitrix24 Tasks and Projects

The planner is Microsoft 365’s app for task creation, tracking, and management. It’s like a hub for project and tasks management. Projects can be created and assigned to an individual employee. It lets the management track the progress rate of each project.
Britrix24 Tasks and Projects are used for tasks creation and management. It’s aimed at promoting work efficiency and effectiveness. You can create and manage tasks and projects with Bitrix24 Tasks and Projects capabilities.
With Bitrix24, you can create automation rules to be executed when a task has been done. This improves business performance and employee productivity on a large scale.
Bitrix24 partner in nigeria

Microsoft Power Automate Vs. Bitrix24 Workflows

As the name goes. Microsoft Power Automate is used for automating business processes and activities. Especially, if you find yourself repeating a business activity daily, Power Automate can save the day.
Bitrix24 Workflows has similar functionalities to Microsoft Power Automate. Bitrix24 enables you to set auto-responses, automate lead generation, and follow-up CRM emails with Workflows. You can also automate other manual processes with Bitrix24 workflows.


Microsoft Security Vs. Bitrix24 Security

Nobody wants to leave the security of their business data to chance; Microsoft doesn’t either. Microsoft 365 is one of the most secured business solution platforms out there. It has many layers of security and cloud protection capability.
Bitrix24 prioritizes security above everything else. It has seven (7) layers of protection optimized for your files and data protection. With over ten years of experience, Bitrix24 prides itself on providing the highest level of security for web projects.

Other Bitrix24 Features

Website Builder

Bitrix24 comes with an inbuilt website builder for business owners. With the website builder, seamlessly build landing pages, online stores, and websites. To increase your business visibility and awareness.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer engagement is crucial for every business. Bitrix24 empowers business owners with a CRM tool. To manage clients’ information, engage customers, automate lead generation, analytics, and sales pipeline.

Contact Centre

Times are changing, and customers are now demanding instant responses from brands. Every Bitrix24 account has a contact centre through which businesses can improve their customer support and loyalty. Customers call you directly from your website and get instant responses.

Final Verdict

Microsoft 365 remains an excellent communication and collaboration platform for organizations. But, Bitrix24 is a suitable alternative to Microsoft 365. The sweet part is that it’s FREE. Whatever industry you operate in, Bitrix24 can help you enhance your operation and improve productivity.
We at Multiskills Nigeria Limited are here to guide you. We have a dedicated team of support professionals to assist you in setting up Bitrix24 for your organization.
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