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Why SMEs Should Embrace The Flexi-Time Movement


There's no question, greater flexibility makes happier employees and promotes productivity. Allowing employees to work when they are most efficient means maximizing their efforts while boosting morale. But getting the modern desktop solutions your employees need to work productively requires a transition. At Multiskills-ng.com, we have years of experience helping businesses transition to a modern desktop solution that meets their exact needs. It's...

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Customer story: Qantas Airways


What used to take the Qantas team months or weeks to resolve now takes a matter of days or hours. The cloud provides workers the flexibility to use mobile devices, speeding up the response times of management. Any firm can benefit from the flexibility of a modern desktop just like Qantas. But it's not always easy. At Multiskills-ng.com, we specialize in helping businesses just like yours to modernize their IT infrastructure to achieve the...

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