In the wake of the pandemic, schools continue to adapt and find ways to keep their students engaged and learning while at home. According to Microsoft Reports, more than 240,000 educational institutions are now using Microsoft Teams for remote and hybrid learning.

More schools are adopting Teams for education to foster a better learning experience for their students. Moreover, having tasted distance learning more students are now seeking hybrid learning from their schools. The preferred educational institution of the future will be the one that can quickly adapt to hybrid learning using an innovative technological tool like Microsoft Teams for education.


What is Microsoft Teams for Education?

Microsoft Teams for Education is an innovative platform that lets educators and staff meet, collaborate with ease, organize classrooms and assignments, and access insights for students and the school. It’s regarded by high-profiled educators as the ultimate educational platform.

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s students, we rob them of tomorrow.”  -John Dewey

With Teams for Education, students can be engaged with a virtual face-to-face connection, and set up a remote lunch to keep the classroom lively. Students can also connect to extra-moral lessons from the comfort of their homes on weekends, and holidays.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Education

  • Immersive reading: Students can easily read conversations in a focused format
  • Raise your hand: Signify an interest to speak without distracting other learners
  • Together mode: See the whole class in a group classroom format
  • Custom background: Either blur or set a custom image for your background
  • Screen-sharing: Share your screen and presentation with other teachers and students
  • Assignments: Assign, track and grade class assignments
  • Insights: Access your student’s engagement and other statistics in real-time
  • Whiteboard: Students can collectively participate in a group presentation

teams classroom

Source (Microsoft)

“Having freedom in assignments, project directions, and more choices engages students. More variety equals more space for creativity.” – Anthony Salcito

Microsoft for Teachers/Educators

Parents always want their children to be taught by the best educators, all the time. Some parents go as far as Googling about the various classroom teachers to ascertain if they’re qualified to tutor their ward.

As a school owner, or teacher, how do you position yourself or your school as the best option for parents during their research phase? It’s by adapting to the latest educational and learning trends sweeping your industry. Microsoft Teams For Education is a great start. Beyond the other amazing benefits and advantages that it comes with, it also empowers teachers to become world-class educators.

Imagine your school been recognized both by parents and your environment as a school that adopts the latest technology to enhance learning. The prestige and accolades that you stand to gain. Teachers can use Teams for Education to conduct virtual classrooms, grade students, counsel students, group students and so much more.

By using Teams for Education, you stand a chance of been certified as a Microsoft Educator. Which places the teacher or school on a global map.

microsoft education statistics


Microsoft Teams for Students

Students learn in various ways. Some learn better in groups, others in physical classrooms and some others through digital interactions. Microsoft Teams for Educations enhances the learning experience in diverse ways. Students can also learn some competitive workplace skills using Microsoft Teams for Education.

Through Teams, students can develop their reading, collaboration, low-code and other workplace-related skills. Not just that, they’ll also be exposed to a technological world of possibilities at an early stage. Isn’t that amazing?

“Today’s students and lifelong learners need skills to land jobs and meet evolving workforce trends—and these days, this means digital skills. Microsoft is committed to partnering with educational institutions to provide the necessary skills, technology, and tools to help equip all learners with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.” – Brad Smith, President, Microsoft

Microsoft Teams for Education Vs Zoom

You might be saying “if I can easily hold a class or meeting with zoom, then why should I care about Microsoft Teams for Education.” Well, here’s why. While Zoom is focused on video conferencing and online meetings, Microsoft teams have other fundamental capabilities.

Microsoft Teams for Education facilitates video conferencing, collaboration, document sharing, integration with Microsoft365 and other amazing educational features. For a complete learning and interactive experience, Microsoft Teams is ideal.

Ready to get started with Teams for Education?

Here’s the thing, It’s easy and you can start with an amount less than the usual ICT fee that most school charge parents. With many amazing benefits which will give your school competitive advantage.

An A3 license for school teachers priced at N1,625 per user per month comes with

✔️ 40 licenses for students to install Office on their PCs
✔️Full Office Desktop Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
✔️1 TB Cloud Storage per student
✔️A Teams classroom

What can you do with this?

💡For Primary schools, organize computer appreciation courses, give each student a Certificate of completion. Parents would proudly show this off.

💡Secondary Schools – you do Data Processing as a subject, get them to design simple databases and app using Access.

💡Universities – take it a notch higher…do not just give them emails, broadcast events, timetables, announcements centrally. Eliminate manual processes. Access to school resources can be tied to this.

A lot of graduates lack these hands-on skills. We can start on time.

To get started, kindly fill the form below to speak with one of our consultants.



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