Microsoft Outlook is an application used mostly for the sending and receiving of emails. It has several other key functions, it manages your calendar and appointments, assignments, addresses, and notes.

Microsoft Outlook has been praised by many companies for being an effective solution and office assistant. When you begin to generate documents, assignments, tasks and appointments you look for a solution that properly arranges all this in a doable form. While the major function of Microsoft Outlook is that of an email client, its secondary processes and abilities places it far above it’s peers.

5 Advantages of using Microsoft Outlook

1. Security

This is not a joke, cyber crimes are at an unprecedented high, technology is improving on both sides of the fence, it is very important now more than ever to have technological solutions that are watertight.

Microsoft Outlook is a cloud solution and Microsoft cloud tools have security features that reduce the chances of cybercrimes to a negligible amount. With constant updates, two-factor authentication, routine scans and email verification protocols, Microsoft Outlook is the most secure email client.

Let me help put this in perspective for you, 80% of the Information generated by your company is stored in your Inbox, whoever owns your inbox has equal rights in your company.

2. Integration

As earlier stated, while Outlook might primarily be an Email client, its scope far surpasses that. With its integration abilities, half of your functions are carried out automatically, for example when you receive a meeting invite, it is automatically booked into your calendar. Files are automatically scanned for viruses, you can edit and view documents without downloading them, your email correspondents are neatly arranged as clients, birthdays dates are automatically synced to their contacts..

The list is endless, if Microsoft Teams can be seen as the Communications Hub, then Outlook can be seen as the administrative Hub of Microsoft 365.

3. Outlook offers one-stop E-mail

With Microsoft Outlook, multiple user accounts can be set up. It is possible for you to have multiple accounts with protocols such as IMAP and POP3 that can feed into one folder, which is governed by one set of guidelines. You can have the details organized into different folders based on each account if that filing system doesn’t work for you. Outlook accommodates your choice.

4. Device Compatibility & Easy Interface

Microsoft Outlook is compatible with all internet-enabled devices, both as an app and on the web. Its interface is easy to use and interactive, regardless of device or platform. Change in device or platform doesn’t reduce its ability one whit.


Outlook makes it easy to organise your assets.  When it comes to sorting and managing most e-mail clients have some sort of rules to do so. Outlook, however, raises the bar, allowing users to easily forward, redirect or sort their messages based on their own guidelines.

It also gives you the option to send a variety of automatic “Out of Office” messages to internal and external contacts, based on the information you want to share. Sometimes you send messages that you may need to follow up on at some point in the future, Outlook allows you to do that, without hassle.

It has colour coded flags that you can use to nudge you, by creating a Follow-Up folder that collects links to all the messages you flagged and then stores them in one place, so they are easily accessible when you want them.

You can sync your personal data to your phone, tablet, and other computers with Microsoft Outlook provided you can log in to your Microsoft account. Based on the rules you make, you can sort your email into files, automatically send Out Of Office messages, flag follow-up emails, and get an email from Exchange servers.

The above means that even though you are away from the workplace, you can get work email as well as a personal email from the same Microsoft Outlook program. With most other email clients, providers and applications, you can’t do that. You may also postpone sending letters, demanding receipts, and more.

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