Rough morning: Oscar checks his phone first thing and sees an email from Gene, his Portland store manager—the building blocks that were supposed to arrive this Saturday are delayed! At the gym, Oscar works on his tablet and easily accesses digital business cards for other building block vendors. He attaches them to an email marked high-importance for Gene. 1 !!! Good news! Oscar finds a Portland vendor who can deliver building blocks before the weekend rush! Bad news—this vendor isexpensive. Oscar sends Gene a calendar invite to discuss their options. He’ll check tracking later to make sure Gene accepts. 11:00 AM Find time to meet $$$ $ DOG DOG DOG DOG While waiting for his daughter to finish lacrosse practice, Oscar uses FindTime to set up a meeting with a new board game supplier. He configures his inbox 1 so the supplier’s reply will drop into his urgent folder. 5:45 PM Make meetings happen 8:00 PM Keep business moving 1. Feature only available in Outlook client. 2. Coming to Outlook for Android May 2018 and later this summer to Outlook for Mac. Available in Outlook for iOS Problem solved! Oscar checks his tablet after dinner and sees Gene attached a contract for a more affordable building block vendor. Oscar quickly approves the contract and sends it out through DocuSign for Outlook. Meet Oscar, the owner of Wingtip Toys—a small toy store chain with three locations in the Pacific Northwest. He uses professional cloud email to stay connected to his team across locations and better communicate with suppliers. Day in the life - Retail Microsoft business-class email 5:30 AM 6:00 AM Stay connected Email on the go While making breakfast for his son, Oscar approves an employee’s time off request with the mobileWorkday for Outlook app. 8:15 AM Manage operations anywhere Reminder! Oscar receives an automatic reminder that he needs to pay a supplierin two days. With a few minutes before a meeting, Oscar uses PayPal for Outlook and takes care of it. 10:00 AM Automatic bill reminders $ PDX BLOCKS $$$ INVITE 12:30 PM Keep conversations moving Oscar swings by his Tacoma store and notices stuffed-dog inventory is low, but Rosemary had stepped out for a break. He sends Rosemary an urgent email with an @tag to respond to the puppy crisis right away. 3:00 PM Send with authority @rosemary Contact us today to realize the benefits of business-class email. Checking email while in line for lunch, Oscar sees an email from his Tacoma store manager, Rosemary. She's hoping he can meet her early tomorrow to receive a shipment. With one hand, he uses "quick reply" 2 to let her know he'll be there.