As more businesses begin to switch to remote and hybrid work environments, there’s a greater need to be security conscious. Conscious of the tools we use, how we share essential business information, and data safety.

According to a recent cybersecurity study, 60% of small businesses say they lack the skills to deal with security issues. In comparison, another 60% of different respondents said they don’t feel prepared for cyberattacks.

The reality of the matter is that being unprepared does not immune your business to cyberattacks. No, It doesn’t, but preparation does. Thanks to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, your business can enjoy first-class data protection from Microsoft.

This article will be looking at the top 5  benefits of using Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium

  1. Communicate and collaborate effortlessly
  2. Protection from unauthorized access
  3. Protect yourself against phishing attacks and malware
  4. Safeguard sensitive data
  5. Secure your work data on personal devices

1. Communicate and collaborate effortlessly

Effective team communication and collaboration are at the core of every thriving organization. With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, your team can better unleash their creative sparks during brainstorming sessions, meetings, and presentations.

Microsoft Teams, an app that comes with the Microsoft 365 Business Premium package, enhances productivity through collaboration. Your team would spend less time switching between software and more time on the tasks at hand.

Microsoft Teams


2. Protection from unauthorized access

The phobia of getting classified business data into the wrong hands is almost non-existent with Microsoft 365 Business Premium. It comes with an advanced multi-factor authentication that double-checks the identity of every user before access.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium also comes with some conditional access policies. This enables the admin to set conditional access policies without which a user cannot access the company account.

3. Protect yourself against phishing attacks and malware

Phishing attacks usually come as email attachments from hackers and dubious individuals. That’s why Microsoft 365 Business Premium built a real-time attachment and link scanning technology that automatically scans and neutralizes phishing attacks upon arrival.

Microsoft 365’s Anti-Spoofing Technology Protection ensures no malware element invades your email and prevents impersonation from unauthorized sources. Needless to say more, Microsoft 365 Business Premium was built with your business’s online security fully in mind.

4. Safeguard sensitive data

As a business owner, you’ll probably have a couple of sensitive data on your mobile device. Data like email passwords, client quotations, and other business confidential pieces of information need to be protected. Microsoft 365 Business Premium has an encryption capability that protects the data on your mobile device from being tampered with.

5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Microsoft 365 Business Premium

5. Secure your work data on personal devices

For quick accessibility, your employees might install work applications on their devices. Microsoft 365 Business Premium mobile technology ensures that work files are stored securely, even in their devices.

It also automatically wipes the data on an employee’s devices that are no more with your company. This will save your company from data theft and blackmail.

In Conclusion

The above-listed points are some of the incredible benefits of subscribing to Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Aside from these benefits, it also comes with premium Office Apps and Microsoft Teams. It can work for an organization from 1 to 1300 employee capacity. Microsoft 365 Business is cost-effective and easy to use.

You’re just a click away from safeguarding your business from cyberattacks, and increasing your productivity.

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Published On: August 17th, 2021 / Categories: Microsoft 365, Productivity Hacks /

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