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Our Custom made software (Packaged IP) can help you achieve business transformation at any level.

Businesses now have a trove of data to understand their customers purchasing patterns, employee interactions better than ever before. Hence, Multiskills Packaged IP is basically software development aimed to help businesses automate processes by collating, refining and interpreting data.

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Here are some of our Packaged IP

Cert Tracker

Cert Tracker was developed for Oil and Gas firms to help them keep proper track of their certified equipments. It helps them know which equipments to replace and which to recertify at every due date. Our clients also use Cert Tracker to keep record of active, inactive and bad equipments.

Hotel Manager

Hotel Manager is designed to help hotels manage reservations and billing efficiently. It’s features includes  room reservations, available rooms, billings and other hotel checkin related activities. So, Guests are dealt with more professionally and Receptionists are always up to date with Hotel Manager.

MS Accounting

MS Accounting is a retail and basic accounting software. The software displays real time inventory and sales order on the retail dashboard, It also records customers credit, account payable, total daily cash sales etc on the accounting dashboard. MS Accounting handles retail processes very effectively.

Website Design

We delight customers with an amazing website performance.Today, it’s not enough to just have a digital presence, an optimized, interactive website is what every business should go for. That is what Multiskills offers. Our websites service comes with SEO’s , Graphics, photography, analytics etc

Coop Savings & Loan App

Coop Savings & Loan App is designed for Cooperative Societies to effectively manage and track their activities (Savings and Loan). The Members dashboard keeps track of Member profile, Total savings, Accessible Loan etc. While the Admin dashboard monitors and attends to requests, complaints etc.

E-commerce Store Setup

Most Ecommerce stores fail because of a lack of proper integration with the right technologies. Businesses are already in an uphill battle to drive sales, so a store with the right technologies is necessary.

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